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Property Loss






We have found that many of the buildings that we inspect have received irreparable damage from a weather event.  Many times the loss was unknown and never reported, or was denied by the insurance company's field adjuster.  In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we have developed a training program for our staff which covers diagnosing every type of roofing problem.

Top Wall Construction is an industry leader in the development of casualty loss analysis in commercial roof systems.  Our customer service representatives are trained to evaluate roof damage, as well as extent of loss, and provide an


expeditious resolution for our clients.  We can prove the source of any roof damage, and present conclusive evidence of casualty loss backed by engineering and forensic reports.

Our number one goal is to protect your interests.






Top Wall Construction offers a variety of services designed to benefit the commercial building owner or property manager, handling any type of commercial roofing requirement or restoration project and capable of providing a full range of construction services, interior and exterior.








Top Wall Construction has extensive experience in servicing schools, hospitals, retail buildings, property management companies, and building owners, as well as handling State, Federal and Industrial projects.  We are capable of providing planned written maintenance programs for our clients that may be budgeted over a length of time up to 5 years free of charge.













In the event of property damage, our representatives are trained to inspect the property, evaluate the extent of damage, and perform necessary repairs.  We pride ourselves in being immediately available to our customers in the event of a catastrophe to protect your investment, minimize business interruption, and very often saving our clients the need for relocation.

Clients of Top Wall Construction receive free inspection services to insure that our clients remain informed on the condition of their properties.
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